The Need

Like many midwestern communities, Clark County has faced dramatic population decline losing over 20,000 residents since 1970. We are projected to lose 10,000 more by 2040. Other than the “over 65” category, foreign-born residents are the only segment of Clark County’s population that is growing. Census data predicts that this population will triple by 2050. The County hasn’t developed a strategic plan to use immigration to build and revitalize the local economy.

Greetings from Springfield, Ohio

The Opportunity

Clark County has an opportunity to establish itself as a regional leader in our proactive approach to equipping immigrants to enhance the culture and economy of Clark County.

The Mission

Welcome Springfield exists to help immigrants flourish in Clark County, maximizing their contributions to our culture and economy.

The Vision

Our vision is to see neighborhoods in Clark County revitalized as a new generation of immigrants purchase homes, start businesses, and enrich our culture. We exist to create a climate where that can happen.